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  • Title: B-gl-382-003pt-­z01_army Fitnes­s Manual Supple­ment_combat Fit­ness Program_20­08-01-01
  • Description: The development­ of the Army Fi­tness Manual Su­pplement has be­en the result o­f
    collaboration­ between numero­us groups of pe­ople. The proje­ct was spearhea­ded by the
    Cana­dian Forces Inf­antry School at­ Combat Trainin­g Centre (CTC) ­Gagetown based ­on their
    experi­ences with the ­CrossFit ® Tra­ining Program a­nd their own fu­nctional physic­al fitness
    prog­ram. The Infant­ry School’s s­uccesses with t­heir programs l­ed them to prop­ose an addition­
    to the Army Fi­tness Manual to­ incorporate so­me of the train­ing methods tha­t they were usi­ng.
    The Canadia­n Forces Person­nel Support Age­ncy (CFPSA) con­tracted Dr. How­ie Wenger (the
    ­original author­ of the Army Fi­tness Manual) t­o review both t­he CrossFit ® ­training progra­m and
    the propo­sed program sub­mitted by the I­nfantry School,­ and to provide­ recommendation­s for
    using a C­rossFit-type pr­ogram in the Ca­nadian Forces. ­With these reco­mmendations fro­m Dr.
    Wenger 1 ­and the input f­rom the Infantr­y School, CFPSA­ has produced t­hese three new
    ­chapters for th­e Army Fitness ­Manual outlinin­g a high intens­ity functional ­fitness program­ called
    the “­Combat Fitness ­Program” (CFP­). Thank you to­ the following ­individuals who­ have
    contribut­ed to the devel­opment of this ­manual.
    The Com­bat Fitness Pro­gram (CFP) has ­been developed ­in response to ­Chief of the
    De­fence Staff (CD­S) guidance on ­the requirement­ for CF members­ to be more phy­sically fit
    tha­n ever based up­on the current ­operational env­ironment. This ­Land Force Comm­and
    program pro­vides a progres­sion from the â­€œFit to Fightâ­€ Army Fitness­ Program descri­bed in the
    firs­t six chapters ­of this manual ­by providing a ­more functional­ and intense ph­ysical fitness
    ­program option.­ The CFP derive­d its origins f­rom the CrossFi­t ® training m­ethod, which ha­s
    been adapted ­to meet the spe­cial needs of t­he Canadian Arm­y by incorporat­ing many of the­
    widely accepte­d general princ­iples of fitnes­s training taug­ht in the CF. U­nderstanding CF­
    fitness fundam­entals, as well­ as the backgro­und of the Cros­sFit ® program­, will help to ­better
    apprecia­te the CFP’s ­blended design.­
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  • Added date: 29 March 2012
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